A Walk Down Pop Culture Memory Lane

O.M.G. It’s Friday. We made it! Hallelujah. As many of you already know, we like to kick back, prop our feet up, and take a load off at the end of the week. A nice cold one wouldn’t hurt, either.

In an effort to not let you guys (our most awesome readers) hangin’, we have compiled a superbly fun walk down pop culture memory lane for your Friday viewing pleasure!
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We’re Unapologetically Breaking Bad

That’s right. We’re unapologetically breaking bad. Breaking bad habits, that is. Of course we’re not slipping down a rabbit hole of dark, unlawful acts. What were you thinking? Sounds like someone watched one too many  episodes of a certain show about blue drugs and an ex-chemistry teacher. 😉 In all seriousness, when Mr. MMM and I were enthralled in the series, Breaking Bad, a few winters ago, we were also under contract to purchase a house we couldn’t afford. But that wasn’t all, we were also spending money without much thought to future ramifications. Finally, we hit a wall and had to redefine our expectations and behaviors. Much like Walter White, we broke bad. Continue reading “We’re Unapologetically Breaking Bad”

Saving Millions By Rejecting That New Car Smell

Who doesn’t love that new car smell? You know the smell I’m talking about. The smell that they’ve perfected and packaged into a little tree ornament that graces all non-new cars to give them back their former glory. Interestingly, Mr. MMM and I have rejected new car ownership. I have never owned a new car and don’t ever plan on it. Mr. MMM, on the other hand, did make the mistake of buying one brand new car in his life. He bought it for himself after graduating college because…wait for it..he deserved it! Ha! Isn’t that always the case? Why do people reward themselves for hard work with debt? Since then, he’s become much more practical and buys his cars cash and effectively drives them into the ground. As do I. But, just for fun, let’s look at how we got here and examine what other people do.  Continue reading “Saving Millions By Rejecting That New Car Smell”

5 Creative Ways To Enjoy A Frugal Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re no strangers to celebrating this ridiculous, cheesy holiday. It’s hard to let it slip by without at least acknowledging it. What isn’t necessary, though, is spending a ton of cash. Mr. MMM and I celebrate without expensive restaurant tabs, over-priced flowers, and unnecessary gifts. We choose to be creative. We might not have a no-spend Valentine’s Day, but we do frugalize it up quite a bit! Let me start by saying that I celebrated Valentine’s Day solo for the better part of a decade and never shed a tear. In my opinion, it’s kind of a silly holiday invented by card companies (there are other historical origins that we’re not going to mention here) for the sole purpose of separating people from their hard-earned cash. However, it can still be cute and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Continue reading “5 Creative Ways To Enjoy A Frugal Valentine’s Day”

How To Get Rich By Living Like Mad Men

It’s no secret around here that I LOVE mid-century modern design and decor. Hence, I loved the series, Mad Men, that originally aired on AMC, but is now available in its entirety on Netflix. I figured out the exact reason I love this coveted period in history just recently. My childhood home, a modern-day tiny house, was built and decorated in that era. Read more about that here.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I need to clarify that when I refer to Mad Men, I am also referring to Mad WoMen. I love all of our readers and don’t want anyone to feel excluded. It is also worth noting that Mad Men was a fairly racy TV series that pushed some limits. For the purposes of this post, we’ll keep it kinder and gentler. And, here we go…

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Invest Extra Cash Or Pay Off The Mortgage

Last week I was reading all about how Mr. and Mrs. Our Next Life paid off their mortgage! Kudos to them. When I read that I suddenly felt this sense of urgency. We, too, are focusing on paying off our mortgage. In our household, we really value living debt-free. And yes, we know we have the potential to make much more money if we would keep our mortgage and invest our extra cash instead of throwing it against an already low-rate mortgage. We also know that there is a potential for us to NOT make as much money by investing and NOT paying off our low-rate mortgage. And so, the debate continues. Should you invest extra money or pay off your mortgage? In case you’re wondering, Our Next Life also did a similar post about this very topic. Check it out here! Continue reading “Invest Extra Cash Or Pay Off The Mortgage”

Online Dating on the Cheap

Online dating doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it can be quite economical, depending on your style. Before I met Mr. MMM, I went out on about 104 first dates. The joke is that he was #105. Now, that is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. I dated frequently over the course of 3 years to find the perfect match. Because I had made some not-so-great dating decisions in the past, I was determined to make a good decision this time…especially with a daughter in tow. For your reading pleasure, I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of frugal online dating suggestions as well as complete a quasi-review of some of the top dating sites out there. And yes, I’ve just about experienced them all. Continue reading “Online Dating on the Cheap”