Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto

Who doesn’t love a steaming Cup of Joe to lend encouragement and motivation each morning? Mr. MMM prefers tea, but for the purposes of this post we’re going to pretend he’s just as addicted to the brown liquidy goodness as the rest of the us.  Continue reading “Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto”

Love Our House

Why We Love Being At Home

Mr. MMM and I LOVE being at home. We love it so much that every time we walk through the door after being out and about I proudly proclaim, “Oh it’s nice to be home!” To which Mr. MMM responds equally excitedly with, “YES it is!” We then proceed to greet our furry housemates, kick off our shoes, and plop down on the couch in unison. Ahh… Continue reading “Why We Love Being At Home”

Lazy Portfolios

Mad Money Monster is proud to share a guest post all about the ease and joy of Lazy Portfolios. This guest post comes from fellow financial blogger, Michael L. over at Super Millennial. After all, who doesn’t want a lazy portfolio?
Michael L. is the creator of Super Millennial. He helps people evaluate their financial situation, simplify money management & how to automate your investments. In the six years since graduating college he has been able to buy a house at 27 (20% down payment), have 0 debt (other than the mortgage), maintain a credit score above 800 and have a simple investing strategy for a 401K, IRA, & reaching your financial goals.
Once you can create a system it becomes effortless, but many of us don’t know where to start. His system is easy and takes 15 minutes to setup & repeat no matter what your financial situation. Get his “Keys to Success” guide here to start a plan for your financial future easily” (It’s FREE)!  


Simplicity, it’s what we all want to achieve in every aspect of our life. That’s why we have Netflix instead of cable (& it’s cheaper), Amazon Prime delivering any & everything to our door in 2 days or less, & Postmates so Taco Bell can magically arrive at your door (where was this in college???)….Well this post will show you how your investing portfolio can be just as simple… Continue reading “Lazy Portfolios”


Priceless Financial Advice For The Graduate

I have the pleasure of enjoying a high school graduation for a member of our family this year. Instead of just giving the expected cash gift – which we also did – we crafted a financial game plan for our special graduate and offered free money coaching for the entirety of her adult life. It felt good. Please see below for a sample of this letter. And please feel free to insert your graduate’s name and pass it forward! Continue reading “Priceless Financial Advice For The Graduate”


How We Plan To Hack Early Retirement

Early Retirement sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Mr. Mad Money Monster and I subscribe to the school of thought that the little stuff pays off big, and the big stuff pays off BIGGER. Continue reading “How We Plan To Hack Early Retirement”

money coach

Free Online Money Coaching!

Launching Mad Money Coaching

Mad Money Monster is officially launching a FREE (yes, I used the “F” word) online money coaching service to help people who need a little guidance, a lot of guidance, or those who just don’t know what the hell they are doing. We’re also here to help if you want a second set of eyes, a dash of motivation, or a kick in the financial a$$.

How Do I sign up?

No need to sign up! Just shoot us an email at themadmoneymonster@gmail.com! Enter “I Need A Money Coach” in the subject line.

What We Need From You


Goals (Include your short-term and long-term goals, as well as any specific questions you might have)

Income (Include all income)

Debts (Include all debts with interest rates)

Savings (Include all accounts and balances, including retirement accounts, etc)

Current Budgets (Are you using one? If so, what does it look like?)

Any information you think will help us help you 

After receiving your email, we will confirm reception and provide you with an estimated time for our response. We will shoot for having a personalized financial analysis back to you within a few days :)

Not for you? That’s okay. Feel free to spread the word to anyone who might benefit from this FREE service.

Disclaimer: Mad Money Monster does not provide professional financial advice. The free money coaching service is meant to provide insight into different financial strategies, including budgeting, increasing income, increasing savings, and identifying excessive spending. Individuals seeking specialized financial investment advice should seek a certified financial planner/adviser.

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dying broke

Do You Plan On Dying Broke?

Dying broke isn’t a bad thing, unless you were broke long before you died. I’m not saying that money will make you happy, what I’m saying is money helps you live a less stressful life, especially during the latter years. This question goes out to all of the people in the personal finance community – readers, writers, and those just getting their financial feet wet – do you plan on leaving legacy wealth? Or, do you prefer to die broke? Let’s explore each option. Continue reading “Do You Plan On Dying Broke?”

bag over face

That One Time I Royally Screwed Up Our Net Worth Calculation

Long, long ago, in a house just like this one – oh wait – it was this one. Let me start over. Back when I first had the idea of starting a personal finance blog, I decided to do a quick and dirty analysis of the state of our finances. I quickly added up our assets and subtracted our liabilities. Right! Wrong. Really wrong. Although I added our mortgage debt on our primary residence and our rental property, I failed to factor in the value of those properties in the assets column. This resulted in a negative net worth. Yikes! After doing quite a bit of digging and a (IMO) proper analysis – we are in the BLACK, baby! Phew. Continue reading “That One Time I Royally Screwed Up Our Net Worth Calculation”

Out with the old...

No Granite Required

Everything must go! No, not everything, but quite a few things are being personalized at the MMM house these days. Since we decided to keep our small pad, we decided to really make it our own. Instead of spending gobs of cash and, subsequently, future wealth on more square footage, a bigger mortgage, and higher taxes, we’re using some money right now to make our home the best it can be. Read how we nearly committed financial suicide just before starting this blog here. Afterall, we plan on living our lives and raising our family here. Continue reading “No Granite Required”

Pets 4

Owning A Pet Sucks!

That’s right! That’s not a typo. Owning a pet does suck. That’s why we prefer to call our pets companions :) We have four furry friends living with us. They outnumber us by one, yikes! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Um, What The Heck Does This Have To Do With Personal Finance?

I’m glad you asked, because the answer is PLENTY. Pets are liabilities and can cost lots of extra cash that could be funneled into savings, right? Right. Mr. MMM, Mini Monster, and myself truly enjoy our two dogs and two cats. It’s no surprise that they often find their way into our blog posts. Our most popular pet here on the site is Mad Money Cat – featured in the footer of most of our posts. Unfortunately, MMC isn’t as young as he used to be. Although you’d never guess it, he’ll be 16 years old this coming December. We think he still looks fabulous. And for all you pet people wondering out there… Continue reading “Owning A Pet Sucks!”