A Celebratory Final Farewell To Mad Money Cat

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of our beloved Mad Money Cat. I adopted him from a humane society 13 years ago; at the time, I was told he was 3 years old, but I’m guessing he was even a few years older than that, which means he was likely pushing 20 years old. We were all devastated and Mini asked to have a funeral. This was a wonderful idea and, surprisingly, helped us all to celebrate him and say a final farewell. Below is the eulogy I wrote for him. And just in case you were wondering, his real name was Bailey and he has adorned the bottom of most of our posts. Continue reading “A Celebratory Final Farewell To Mad Money Cat”


Free Entertainment: Fall Cupcakes, Halloween Decorations, And A Political Rally?

Last weekend I was on my own with Mini and we decided to have a great day for zero dollars. Nothing unusual so far, right? Read on my fellow frugal followers… Continue reading “Free Entertainment: Fall Cupcakes, Halloween Decorations, And A Political Rally?”


Our (Not So) Frugal Disney World Vacation

Yes we did! Like I mentioned in earlier posts, Mr. MMM has done really well with contracted work this year. We have paid off all but one debt, invested a huge chunk of change, and spent only on things we value (think: our home renovation!). We also decided this was the year we should make the pilgrimage to Disney. So, although this is not a blog post about how frugal our Disney trip was – being frugal and financially responsible helped us be not so frugal when taking our once-in-a-lifetime trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. Continue reading “Our (Not So) Frugal Disney World Vacation”


How We Plan To Have A Frugal Fall

It’s that time of year again. Here in PA, Mr. MMM and I are gearing up for another frugal fall season. Fall is our absolute favorite time of year. In fact, we think the best thing about summer is that fall is right around the corner! Yes, we’re a little weird, in more ways than one. I mean who can pass up a colorful, crisp fall day? It’s the time of year we can get cozy with sweatshirts, drink hot chocolate, and grace our homes with everything pumpkin! Yum! And Halloween! Who can forget Halloween?! Continue reading “How We Plan To Have A Frugal Fall”


We Made Our Dream Home A Reality

The Mad Money household has been brimming with contractors, ripped up floors, exposed wiring, and drywall sheets for most of the last 6 months. Ta Da! Finally, as of last Friday, our dream home is now a reality. I’ve been bursting at the seams to share our renovation journey with you. That day has finally come :) Continue reading “We Made Our Dream Home A Reality”


A Frugal Year Of Living Changed Our Future

We started on our FIRE journey one year ago this month. Since then, we have paid off thousands of dollars in credit card and student loan debt and invested many more thousands in retirement accounts and a personal taxable account. How did we do this? We buckled down, threw our budget out the window and spent on only things that were valuable to us, ate a lot more meals at home, and adjusted our entertainment monies down to almost nothing. I even started making my own coffee at home…GASP. Continue reading “A Frugal Year Of Living Changed Our Future”


Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto

Who doesn’t love a steaming Cup of Joe to lend encouragement and motivation each morning? Mr. MMM prefers tea, but for the purposes of this post we’re going to pretend he’s just as addicted to the brown liquidy goodness as the rest of the us.  Continue reading “Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto”

Love Our House

Why We Love Being At Home

Mr. MMM and I LOVE being at home. We love it so much that every time we walk through the door after being out and about I proudly proclaim, “Oh it’s nice to be home!” To which Mr. MMM responds equally excitedly with, “YES it is!” We then proceed to greet our furry housemates, kick off our shoes, and plop down on the couch in unison. Ahh… Continue reading “Why We Love Being At Home”

Lazy Portfolios

Mad Money Monster is proud to share a guest post all about the ease and joy of Lazy Portfolios. This guest post comes from fellow financial blogger, Michael L. over at Super Millennial. After all, who doesn’t want a lazy portfolio?

Continue reading “Lazy Portfolios”


Priceless Financial Advice For The Graduate

I have the pleasure of enjoying a high school graduation for a member of our family this year. Instead of just giving the expected cash gift – which we also did – we crafted a financial game plan for our special graduate and offered free money coaching for the entirety of her adult life. It felt good. Please see below for a sample of this letter. And please feel free to insert your graduate’s name and pass it forward! Continue reading “Priceless Financial Advice For The Graduate”