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Imagine.  By the end of this year, I will be well-versed in some pretty influential music that shaped the world we live in today.  It seems that every winter just around this time I get an itch to learn more, do more, and create.  Typically, it manifests itself in the form of art (think oil [...]

We woke up yesterday (Sunday morning) without a clear vision of what to do with our day.  The 100th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show opened this weekend and we thought that would be a good option, despite the hour-long drive, cost of parking, and cost of being inside the facility.  Granted, it is “free” admission and [...]

Ever consider how much that bad habit is costing you?  What am I saying?  You’re reading a personal finance article about breaking bad habits, of course you have!  So you also know that smoking those cigarettes or eating a ton of junk food is not only inching you closer to the end of the road [...]

Since when did dinner AND a movie turn into dinner OR a movie?  Over the holiday break Mr. MMM and I wanted to give the gift of a Star Wars movie theater experience to Mini Monster.  We obviously needed to get our tickets in advance in order to get good seats.  Also, the theater that [...]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  No doubt you’re seeking areas of your life to improve during 2016.  Am I right, or am I right?  :)  The first post of 2016 here at Mad Money Monster is going to explain how some people have become Super Savers.  Super Saver is a term that describes someone who is fanatical [...]

We would like to thank all of our readers for making our personal finance blogging experience AWESOME.  We’re impressed at how quickly we have grown after only starting our online presence in late September of this year.  And for that, WE thank YOU!  To round out our year-o-frugality, we’d like to give you the gift [...]

Mr. MMM and I are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our future, and our income (passive, that is ;).  I mean, after all, we do author a personal finance blog.  2015 has turned out to be a life-altering year around here.  We both had a frugal mindset from the start, but after joining [...]

Remember George Bailey as a kid?  All he wanted to do was be a grown up and travel the world.  Remember the grown-up version of George Bailey, stuck in Bedford Falls, and resenting his family because he didn’t get to travel the world?  Remember how he was constantly worrying about money and bills?  Remember how [...]

Let me start by saying that inexpensive is a relative term.  Inexpensive quickly turns into a ridiculous term when it comes to buying something you didn’t need to buy in the first place.  Basically, you’re spending money to save money.  Hmmmm…that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, does it?  You know, it’s kinda [...]

Let me tell you a story.  Long, long ago, in a town just down the road, I was born into a lower-income family with parents who never graduated high school.  Although, we were immaculate and well taken care of, we lived quite modestly in our tiny house (actually a trailer, but tiny house sounds trendy [...]

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