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Early Retirement sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Mr. Mad Money Monster and I subscribe to the school of thought that the little stuff pays off big, and the big stuff pays off BIGGER. Create The GAP Don’t get me wrong, we are constantly racking our brains trying to implement savings hacks for all of [...]

That’s right! That’s not a typo. Owning a pet does suck. That’s why we prefer to call our pets companions :) We have four furry friends living with us. They outnumber us by one, yikes! And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Um, What The Heck Does This Have To Do With Personal Finance? [...]

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Our goals are plastered all over this site and we’ve been writing about them forever. Now, Mad Money Monster wants to hear all about your personal financial goals and how you plan on getting there. You just might be featured on our site or be asked to write a guest [...]

The best part about being on the road to early retirement is feeling a greater sense of financial freedom with each step. Each retirement contribution, each investment deposit, and each debt repayment is a tiny notch of freedom. Each step in the right financial direction allows us the opportunity to have more freedom with the [...]

For the past month I have been super excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mr. MMM. I picked the perfect, inexpensive, yet hip event. There was a bacon & beer/chocolate & wine event at a local winery. No tickets or reservations required, just respond to the FB invite so they could make plans with their [...]

It really doesn’t matter if you’re spending Valentine’s Day on your own or with a significant other this year. What matters is what you choose do with your time, and money, of course. Some of us are heading to an obligatory expensive dinner, some of us are celebrating at Sonic (here’s lookin’ at you, Mr. [...]

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