Friday Favorites

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It’s Friday! It’s Friday! That means we get to share some of our favorite financial posts that we found on the interconnected World Wide Web. And here it is, the best of the best, the coolest of the cool, the posts we found share-worthy. Enjoy!Continue Reading

I Lived In A Trailer To Pay For College: Oh, The Horror

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Let me start out by saying that this post was inspired by another post featured on Millennial Money Man yesterday The post was written by The Savvy Couple and titled, Moving Back Home: Temporary Pain for Future Gain. It was all about how they both moved back in with their parents post college graduation to dig their way out of debt and stash cash on their way to full-fledged adulthood and home ownership. As I read the post, I couldn’t wait to make a comment – so I did. As I was writing that comment I felt like I had so much more to say but didn’t want to be a comment blog hog :) So, I thought I’d finish my thoughts here in this post. Lucky you! Continue Reading

Can’t Buy Me Love

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The older I get the more I realize how fortunate I am to have found someone with similar financial values as myself. Except, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I had two other significant relationships before meeting Mr. MMM and only 1 out of those 2 were any good with money. In retrospect, I understand the importance of choosing the right partner in terms of financial well-being. Choose the wrong partner, and you might find yourself in your own private financial Hell.Continue Reading

The Great Education Debate: Your Passion Or Your Money

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When it comes to higher education there are generally two sides of the story. Which side you tend to find yourself often correlates with your experience. I know when I was younger all I wanted to do was go to a flashy school. Flashy when I was in high school was the local expensive private college that everyone raved about. Still do. Now that college and graduate school are behind me, I see the world through a different filter. I’m no longer enamored by a price tag or olympic-sized swimming pools. I’ve also been in the corporate world long enough to know that it just doesn’t matter. Go ahead and read that last sentence again, because it’s true. That brings us to the time-honored classic Great Debate – Your Passion Or Your Money.Continue Reading

Friday Favorites

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Ah, the end of the week is upon us and I have decided to take the blogging day off and share a few of my favorites that I found floating around the financial blogosphere this week. And without further ado, here we go.

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