Hump Day Headlines: Enjoy The Moment

Let’s see…it’s been a whole week since we started our Hump Day Headlines series; time for installment #2!  Mr. Money Monster and I are officially back into our weekly routines after the wedding and honeymoon.  We’re enjoying being a married couple *yippee* and sharing ideas for our collective future, along with Mini Monster.

Mad Money Pup enjoying a Fall morning

Mad Money Pup enjoying a Fall morning

The Morning Grind

We’re fortunate to have Mr. MM mostly able to work from home.  Because of this, he is able to help out significantly in the morning with Mini Monster and getting her on the bus.  Our standard daily routine consists of rolling out of bed around 6:30am thanks to Money Monster Pup pacing back and forth in the bedroom letting us know he needs to go outside to use the facilities.  Mr. MM takes the reins and cares for the animal routines (remember, they outnumber us).  If we mess up their routine they could quite possibly band together and plot our demise.  We make sure this doesn’t happen by making sure each fluffy companion is happy.  During this time, I either write this blog or take a morning walk.  One particular morning this week, I opted for the walk, despite the drizzle.  Read on fellow Money Monster…

walk 1

Beautiful late autumn trees I saw on my techno glitch walk

How A Technology Glitch Saved The Day

My morning walk has become a ritual that allows me to enjoy the outdoors and have some solitude before battling traffic to work for The Man all day.  This particular morning I started walking in the drizzle and was fumbling around with my podcast app to get it started before I walked too far.  Success!  I found a motivational, financial podcast for my walk.  I hit play and I was off!  Fast forward about a minute; the podcast wasn’t playing.  I took my gloves off and fiddled with it a bit to restart it.  Back to it!  No go.  It wouldn’t play.  I tried a different podcast, to no avail.  Finally, I decided to just let it go and enjoy my walk without the intrusion of a podcast.  Wow.  It. Was. So. Worth. It!  I love my morning walks with my motivational podcasts, but I must say that this walk gave me a sense of calm and fulfillment within nature.  I was able to enjoy the sounds and the colors and the smells.  Yes, I know I would still be able to enjoy colors and smells while listening to my podcasts, but the interference actually interferes with my senses.  This annoying technical glitch allowed me to ENJOY THE MOMENT and realize how much we take for granted each day.

Saturday Necessities

Saturday was reserved for cleaning and doing laundry.  Our house has seen better days (mainly before the wedding and honeymoon), and we needed to whip it back into shape.  A huge chunk of our Saturday was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and grocery shopping.  Mini Monster enjoys cleaning and organizing (huge win!) so she doesn’t mind chipping in.  We even had time to watch a Netflix movie and go on a flashlight walk later in the evening.  At the request of MM, we all took turns walking like zombies.  Good times.

A wonderful brunch courtesy of Mr. MM. Yum!

A wonderful brunch courtesy of Mr. MM. Yum!

Sunday Brunch And A Birthday Party

Sunday highlights included brunch at grandmother’s house and a birthday party for my niece and nephew.  Two things that didn’t cost us very much at all, yet allowed us to enjoy our families, good food and drink, and live in the moment.

Therapy Mondays

Therapy Mondays are a staple in the Money Monster household.  It’s a dedicated evening and time reserved for close friends to visit with a bottle of wine (or beer or non-alcoholic beverage of their choosing) and unwind.  We take this time to discuss our weekly triumphs and foibles, as well as foster our relationships with people we hold close to our hearts.  Obviously, it’s not actual therapy, but it does serve the same purpose.  It lasts 2 – 3 hours and almost all of our family and friends have made appearances over the years.  It’s such a staple that sometimes we will have someone Skype in to share some news or get some feedback.  Therapy has served all of us well over the years and I highly recommend trying it.

There You Have It

There you have it!  Another week in the life of the Mad Money Monsters.  We blew through this week without spending very much money at all.  We did give gifts to my niece and nephew but, other than that, it was a fairly lean (as it should be) week!  And Thanks to my techno glitch, I was able to appreciate the natural beauty of my morning walk before work.  This week gets two frugal thumbs up!

Has A Techno Glitch Ever Enhanced Your Life?

Mad Money Cat NOT loving his photo opp

Mad Money Cat NOT loving his photo opp

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  • Claudia @ Two Cup House Nov 11, 2015, 8:12 pm

    Oh, this post is so timely! I forgot the cable for my computer last night, so I couldn’t work on the side hustle. At first, I thought it was terrible, but then I picked up a book. A technology glitch saved my night!

    • Mad Money Monster Nov 12, 2015, 6:20 am

      Love it! We all need to slow down from time to time. We should be more conscious about it, rather than being forced into it. 🙂

  • theloonietoonie Nov 11, 2015, 7:48 am

    enjoyed this read, helps me remember to be in the moment:)

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