This post may contain affiliate and/or promoted links. Please read our disclosure for more info. Look, you work hard. So do we. And with the end of year approaching, many of you are probably celebrating some of your financial successes. I know we are. We were able to significantly increase our net worth this year [...]

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our Disclosure for more info. It’s hard to believe that up until a few years ago, we were humming along paying an outrageous amount of money for TV – cable TV that we rarely ever watched. I’m not kidding when I say that there were times I [...]

I am so excited to finally be able to write this post. As many of my long-time readers know, we live a fairly “normal” family life with a few adventures thrown in here and there. Well, that’s about to change. Big Time. After much consideration and debate, we have decided to sell Mr. MMM’s car, [...]

Spring is just around the corner and that means that you’re probably starting to think about your summer vacation. I know I’ve certainly been hearing vacation rumblings around my office water cooler these days. Everyone seems to have a few ideas as to where they’d like to go and are trying to weigh the pros and [...]

O.M.G. It’s Friday. We made it! Hallelujah. As many of you already know, we like to kick back, prop our feet up, and take a load off at the end of the week. A nice cold one wouldn’t hurt, either. In an effort to not let you guys (our most awesome readers) hangin’, we have [...]

Yep, that’s yours truly in the feature image using frugality to hack a damn good time. We love a dash of horror in our lives, so every fall we don’t miss a chance to hit our local haunted attraction. This is a planned event and since Mini is, well, Mini, we don’t bother with the [...]

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! That means we get to share some of our favorite financial posts that we found on the interconnected World Wide Web. And here it is, the best of the best, the coolest of the cool, the posts we found share-worthy. Enjoy! How To Start Liking Beer Our adventure-lovin’ friends over at [...]

Baby, it’s cold outside! Yeah yeah, I know the holiday season is over but I can’t seem to stop that song from playing on repeat in my head. I actually had a point by starting out with that line – it IS cold outside – at least in the northeast where Mr. MMM and I [...]

Now that all the presents have been opened and the holiday ham has been gobbled up, I thought I’d share a typical day in the Mad Money Monster house with our readers. I’ve decided to map out a typical weekday for our frugal little family of 3. This year we have managed to save over half of our income [...]

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