I'll admit it, I like being a consummate weirdo - especially when it comes to not paying a ridiculous amount of cash for cable television. We decided cancelling cable TV was the best option for our family and our finances over a year ago. The decision took place when I noticed cable was one of the biggest [...]

A new year is upon us and that probably means you're taking inventory of your life and making some new goals for 2017. Whether you're deeply in debt or already on the path to financial freedom, there is usually always room for improvement. Mr. MMM and I haven't always been on the FIRE (financial independence [...]

Spending money doesn't always come easy when you're dedicated to early retirement.  Since hopping on this bandwagon we have become increasingly more aware of where every dollar goes and where every dollar could go.  In a concerted effort to retire in 2021, our household has cut all frivelous spending from our non-budget.  Every frivelous expense [...]

I'm throwing down the gauntlet and officially declaring 2016 a clothes-free year. Stop it, you know what I mean ;) In my not-so-frugal moments in the past, I have frequently gone on what I like to call buying spurts. I will go for months without purchasing a thing. And then, one weekend, I'll fall off the wagon and drop hundreds on some new threads. I have made a decision to officially banish any and all shopping sprees from my life.

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