This post may contain affiliate and/or promoted links. Please read our Disclosure for more info. There’s no doubt about it, buying a house is a big decision. With the unpredictability of the economy and price fluctuations,  entering into home ownership isn’t something to be taken lightly. With this in mind, it’s important to know that there [...]

You’ve heard the arguments before. A couple is looking for a new house and they want to make sure their new home can accommodate EVERYTHING. Everything means a formal dining room, a home office, a playroom, and an extra bedroom (and maybe even bathroom) for their occasional out-of-town guests. If this sounds ridiculous to you, [...]

It seems like the next home buying season is always upon us. And, here we are again. A home purchase is somewhat of a right of passage into adulthood. In recent years, alternative housing has made its way onto the scene. Today, it’s not uncommon for adults to live with their parents, in tiny houses, or [...]

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