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Welcome New Readers!

We’re on a fantastic journey to early retirement in 2021.  Please check out Our Story to get to know us a little better.

We’re willing to bet you have a similar goal, considering you found your way to our most awesome blog.  Feel free to meander around our site, share, and leave comments.  The more the merrier!

It’s The Final Countdown (cue the cheesy 80’s music…NOW)

We’ve been inching along the frugal path for quite some time now.  We finally decided to kick it into high gear and develop what resembles a plan.  Read more about that here.

Our ultra cool wedding rings :)

Our ultra cool wedding rings :)

To Infinity…And Beyond!

We’ve been together for about two years (and we’re not spring chickens…but not over the hill either) and started our joint venture off on a solid frugal foot with an amazing wedding that didn’t break the bank.

Our goal is to be financially independent (with the option of quitting our rat race jobs) by 2021!

On Our Way To 70%+

We’re on our way to figuring out how to save 70%+ of our income through Intelligent Design.  Basically, we’re earning more, spending less, and enjoying adventures along the way!

Please Join Us

If you think you’re awesome enough to be a Mad Money Monster, follow along with us each week as we share our journey on the road to financial freedom.


Mr. & Mrs. Mad Money Monster

Mad Money Cat relaxing on our bed

Mad Money Cat relaxing on our bed

P.S.  From time to time you’ll see pics of our four-legged friends…smile and accept it :)

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