I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to any new people visiting and enjoying the blog.  We’d love for you to say hello in the comments! It’s no secret that I’m finally getting married this month!  Yay!  However, before I met Mr. Right, soon-to-be known as Mr. Mad Money Monster, I was living a [...]

October is Here! I just lit my Yankee Candle and opened a window to set the blogging mood.  I love Fall and everything that goes along with it.  I grew up, and still live in central Pennsylvania.  We get four seasons around these parts and I enjoy Fall more than any other.  October holds a [...]

How I Almost Committed Financial Suicide See that house?  About 6 months ago I had myself convinced we needed to buy something like this to validate our lives and prove to the world that we were successful.  What a difference 6 months can make!  My fiance and I had decided, on a whim, to start [...]

My Biggest Downfall You don’t know this about me yet, but, my biggest downfall is eating out.  If I add up all of the money I spent eating meals out over the past, dare I say, two decades, the amount would be staggering.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be enough to pay off [...]

It Is Truly Nice to Meet you! Since this is my very first blog post, I’d like to start by introducing myself.  My name is Mad Money Monster.  I wanted a catchy pen name and this one was available as a .com and on all social media forums, so I snagged it!  Suckas!  :) I [...]

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