25+ Ultimate Ideas To Celebrate Halloween

It’s that time of year, ladies and gentlemen! The time of year when the air turns crisp and the leaves begin their earthly descent. Best of all, little children dress up like little ghouls and goblins to terrorize neighborhoods looking for sweet treats. Yes! Halloween is approaching! Chances are, you want to celebrate this ghostly holiday in your own special way. If you’re looking for some spooktacular ideas to scare up some fun this Halloween season, look no further than this list!

25+ Ultimate Ideas To Celebrate Halloween


    1. Spooky Movie Marathon

      If you’ve never watched some of the classic horror movies, there is no time like the present. Try The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Wolfman. Not your thing? Maybe go for some of the 80s slasher flicks. Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street would certainly fit the horror bill.

    2. Visit The Mutter Museum (or somewhere similar)

      Close to Philadelphia? Spend a day at The Mutter Museum. It’s a wonderful museum that blends science with creepy. Not close to Philly? I’m sure there is something similar within driving distance. Ask Google and take a day trip.

    3. Cemetery Adventure!

      Every town has a creepy cemetery. Go at dusk and wander around looking at the tombstones. Talk about what the world was like when that person was alive. Make sure to get out before the caretaker locks the gates. That would make for a long, spooky night!Celebrate Halloween | Halloween Celebrations | How To Celebrate Halloween

    4. Throw A Halloween Party

      There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Halloween party. Costumes required!

    5. Create A Haunted Graveyard

      No need to buy fake tombstones if you’re trying to be frugal. Get creative and make your own. Don’t forget the blue spotlights and the fog machine for the best effects!

    6. Create A Haunted House

      No need to stop at the graveyard. Unleash your decorating skills on the inside of your house, too. Hang sheets, lights some candles, stuff some dummies for props, and invite some friends over! And if you go this far, see #4.

    7. Dinner Party

      Dinner parties are great ways to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Create a fun-filled menu with monkey brains! Pro tip: ground chicken or beef can be substituted for actual monkey brains 😉

    8. Carve Pumpkins

      What’s better than carving pumpkins around Halloween? You don’t even need to be an artist; you can just pull a template off the Web and go to town. But if you do happen to be an artist, Go Wild! Don’t forget to roast the seeds for snacking. There are tons of recipes out there, like This One!

    9. Paint A Picture

      Paint a spooky picture of a ghost or goblin and display it for all to see. This is something even the kids can do! No kids? No problem. Open a bottle of wine and make a date of it.

    10. Trick-or-Treat With A Twist

      Got kids? Dress up yourself and take them on the neighborhood tour. Prefer to stay home? Have a mini Halloween party in your driveway for Trick-or-Treating parents. Think: Spooky decorations, costumes, hot dogs, and maybe even beers for the walkers.

    11. Ghost Stories

      Gather around a campfire or just turn off the lights in your basement and tell ghoulish tales that’ll have the kids begging to sleep in your bed tonight!

    12. Decorate Your House

      You don’t have to go all out with a cemetery in your front yard or a haunted house in your living room to enjoy Halloween. Deck your halls in a traditional way, kick back and relax.

    13. Play A Scary Video Game

      Have you ever played a scary video game? If not, you are in for a shock. Most of these games are rated mature, so make sure the kids are in bed or over at Grandma’s house. Turn off the lights, get your controller in hand, and strap in for a spine-tingling night!

    14. Visit Salem, Mass

      Halloween | Celebrate Halloween | Ideas for Halloween | Ideas to Celebrate Halloween via @MadMoneyMonsterLet’s face it, Salem, Mass really is Ground Zero for Halloween. Anyone who loves the holiday should make this pilgrimage at least once in their lives. If you’re not close enough to drive, this won’t be a very frugal option, but it’s a trip you’ll never forget nonetheless.

    15. Bob for Apples

      Bobbing for apples is a wonderful tradition that screams Halloween! This is good wholesome fun for the whole family. Feel free to combine this one with #4, #6, #7, or #10.

    16. Visit A Haunted Attraction

      Haunted attractions are all the rage during the Halloween season. These attractions are usually opened weekends in October, rain or shine. Be sure to get tix before you leave the house if you want the lowest price and the shortest line.

    17. Make Up Your Own Ghost Tour

      Don’t want to pay for a haunted attraction. Do some research about your own town, wait until the sun goes down, and go on your own ghost tour.

    18. Play A Game Of Clue

      When was the last time you played a game of Clue? Dim the lights and set the mood before choosing your character. Was it Professor Plum with a candlestick? Guess you won’t know until you play. What are you waiting for? Your childhood is calling!

    19. Ditch The House Lights

      Kids love this one! Set a time and flip the switch. 7pm = no lights till tomorrow. Candles and flashlights only. This is great paired with #11.

    20. Make A Spooky Meal

      No need to have a full-blown dinner party to make a spooky meal. Imagine the kids’ delight when they hear you’re having wiggly worms with bloody sauce (spaghetti) for dinner!

    21. Learn The Moves To Thriller

      Who doesn’t love Michael Jackson’s Thriller? I don’t care if you grew up with it or your parents showed it to you. Either way, it’s a classic and a Halloween must! Grab some friends or grab your kids, throw on YouTube and start bustin’ a move! Interested? Here’s The Link!

    22. Attend A Play

      Check out your local theater or university. They just might be putting on a wonderfully entertaining rendition of The Addams Family or Frankenstein. Get out of your house, create some memories, and support the arts!

    23. Take A Candlelight Ghost Tour

      Many towns have created their very own candlelight ghost tours. You just might be one of them. Why not get out and see what they’re saying about some of the old buildings in your town.

    24. Stay Overnight At A Haunted Bed & Breakfast

      Whether it be in your town or the next one over, you better believe there is a haunted bed and breakfast nearby. Use your fingertips to do some searching and make your reservations today.

    25. Flashlight Hike

      Make sure you have fresh batteries! Decide on a flashlight walk or a hike before you go. What’s the difference? Hikes go into the woods and walks can be as close as your own neighborhood. If you do head out into the wilderness, be safe and stay on the lookout for animals that live there.

    26. Write Your Own Ghost Script!

      Ever watch a movie and think you could’ve done a better job? Well, here’s your chance! Get those fingers tapping and create a spooky masterpiece that you and yours can share around the campfire! Don’t forget the S’mores.

How do you like to celebrate Halloween?


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