Awesome Fall Dates Guaranteed To Fit Your Frugal Budget

Whether you’re married or not, dating is a great way to enjoy the best of each other and each season. Fall is our favorite time of year around the Mad Money Monster house and we are eager to share some wonderful fall dates that are guaranteed to not break the bank. Some of these we have done ourselves, and others are on our seasonal checklist. So without further ado, let’s get this autumn party underway.

Take A Covered Bridge Tour


Pinterest pin - fall hikeDepending on where you live, taking a covered bridge tour might be as easy as mapping out a route, hopping in your car, and driving from bridge to glorious bridge. Don’t forget to take some snacks for the ride, pictures at each location, and don’t leave without a kiss. The best part, it’s free! No covered bridges where you live, not to worry, there are plenty of other frugal options to enjoy each other this fall.

Try Apple Picking


Have you ever gone apple picking? I’m sure plenty of you have never tried this delightful activity. Truth be told, we haven’t either! This is one on OUR list for a frugal fall date. What could be better than loading up on fresh apples from a local orchard? I know! Baking an apple pie together from your delicious pickings. Have extras? Save them for apple bobbing on Halloween!

Tour A Pumpkin Patch


Touring a pumpkin patch and picking the perfect gourd to decorate your home is one of the fall’s finest traditions. Making a date of it makes it even more special. Make sure to choose pumpkins for pies, pumpkins for decorating, and pumpkins for painting or carving. The possibilities truly are endless during the fall season.


Decorate For The Season


And since we’re talking about pumpkins, why not have a fall decorating date? Make sure to arrange your perfectly chosen gourds in just the right manner to adorn your front entryway. Throwing up a few corn stalks and a wreath would make for wonderful porch accoutrements, as well!

Don’t stop there, as the season marches on, have a pumpkin carving date. You could even make it a contest. For the artistically-challenged among us, feel free to print online templates of your favorite spooky scene. Make sure the person with the best pumpkin wins a massage!

Go Camping And Roast Marshmallows


Roasting marshmallows by a campfire has to be one of the best frugal fall dating experiences out there. Not only is it free (minus the cheap-o marshmallows), but it’s a wonderfully romantic setting. Bundle up and snuggle up! Tell each other things you haven’t told each other before now. Do you have a funny childhood memory you’ve been holding back? Share it! Are you scared to go into the basement at night? Tell your partner! There’s nothing like sharing more of ourselves to make our bonds stronger.

couple - frugal datesCheck Out A Local Hiking Trail


What’s better than being out in the crisp fall air enjoying the colorful transition from summer to winter? Hit a challenging trail that highlights the beautiful fall landscape. Tell stories as you go and talk about your hopes and dreams for your future together. Stop and eat a picnic lunch at the halfway point to delight in the views. Pick up some natural hiking sticks along the way and keep them as souvenirs. Carve or burn the date into them! And don’t forget to take pictures to remember the day!


Road Trip!


Fall is the best time of year to go leaf peeping. Drive to a neighboring town and spend the day, or make a weekend of it. Check into a bed and breakfast and immerse yourself in local traditions. Tour the town hall and stop for a bite to eat at a 100-year-old mom and pop shop. Find a local art gallery and enjoy being away with your pafall dates - haunted housertner, even if it is still close to home and you’re only gone for a few hours. Treat it as a mini vacation and you’ll be surprised how many memories you’ll cherish forever from that little trip.

Throw A Fall Party


Not every fall party is a Halloween party! I’ve been to plenty of fall parties that were thrown in October and November that celebrated the season itself. Think: hay bails, mulled cider, good friends, and no costumes! Let’s be real, sometimes you just don’t feel like dressing up in silly outfits. Fall parties are a great alternative to enjoy the season without inhaling vapors from a smoke machine!

Visit A Haunted Attraction


Obviously, I saved The Best for last! If you do happen to enjoy Halloween, this last suggestion is for you! My husband and I have both been Halloween enthusiasts since we were kids. Who can forget the anticipation of dressing up in those awful plastic costumes and sweating behind those cheap masks? Awe, memories. So why not relive your childhood and take a haunted hayride or walk through a haunted house? And if you’re feeling really frugal, go on your own ghost tour. Every town has houses and establishments rumored to be haunted. Wait until dark and embark on your own tour!

That’s it! That’s how we roll when it comes to frugal fall dating. It keeps our relationship fresh and gives us something to look forward to. How do you do fall with your #1 sidekick?

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  • David Oct 4, 2017, 8:56 pm

    Let me add one to your fall list. Go through a corn maze. Ticket prices in my area are about $10 and include other farm attractions. Some mazes are quite challenging and can take an hour or longer to navigate.

    • Mad Money Monster Oct 4, 2017, 8:57 pm

      OMG! I even had that on my written list and forgot to put it into the post! YES, you are absolutely right. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  • FullTimeFinance Oct 4, 2017, 12:22 pm

    Done the apple picking thing with the kids. It can be pricy depending on how many you pick.

    We also do a lot of hiking especially in the fall. Great free activity.

    • Mad Money Monster Oct 4, 2017, 1:54 pm

      Yeah, I know sometimes the orchards and pumpkin patches can be pricey. It’s important to go on off days and maybe find a coupon or two!

  • Steve Poling Oct 4, 2017, 11:17 am

    I can attest to the benefits of apple-picking as a date nite activity. There is an apple tree growing at the edge of an industrial park near our house. on two occasions this fall my wife and i have gone there to harvest some. i contrived a hook duct taped to an extending painting pole to get the out-of-reach fruit that’s not as wormy as the lower-hanging fruit. a bit of googling identified the variety as being an heirloom variety ideally suited to baking. We’ve since put up a dozen frozen bags and made a half-dozen pies. The pies make for excellent gifts to friends/family. Total cost a few bucks for baking supplies. Since my wife is cheaper than I am, we derive great pleasure from this money-saving activity.

    • Mad Money Monster Oct 4, 2017, 11:36 am

      That is hilarious! We, too, have an industrial park not far from our house. Maybe we should go on a frugal search for area apple trees!

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