A Day In The Life Of Frugal Minimalists

Now that all the presents have been opened and the holiday ham has been gobbled up, I thought I’d share a typical day in the Mad Money Monster house with our readers. I’ve decided to map out a typical weekday for our frugal little family of 3. This year we have managed to save over half of our income in our quest to flip the bird to corporate America. The daily ingredients just might surprise you!

A Typical Wednesday Morning

I picked Wednesday because it’s smack dab in the middle of the week, and, why not. Mr. MMM usualy starts to stir around 6:30AM. He’s the first one to peel the covers back and face the dawn of the morning light. His morning routine consists of letting the dogs out to do their duty in the backyard (see why owning a pet sucks here 😉 while he sits in a chair in the living room surfing Twitter and other social media outlets to catch up on his news.



Mini Monster is the next one up. Her morning routine consists of feeding our cats (we recently adopted another Maine Coon after the loss of the ever-popular Mad Money Cat in September – this was my BIG Christmas present this year. Woot!) and 2 dogs. Mr. MMM then embarks on the first important decision of the day – breakfast. He and Mini decide what it’ll be and start whipping things up while discussing their dreams from the previous night and going over homework that is due that day.

About this time, I am ready to drag myself out of bed and start getting ready for my day. I hop in the shower, grab my clothes and coffee, give kisses to everyone and scoot out the door. All this takes place while our Mad Money Pup #1 is barking his head off because he has social anxiety and hates when anyone leaves the house. Did I mention he’s on anxiety medication for this? No? I just did. 🙂

The Work Day

As I drive to work sipping my coffee and listening to personal finance podcasts – yes, I’m that much of a dollar dork – Mr. MMM is getting Mini dressed and up to the bus stop. After the two women in the house are where they need to be, Mr. MMM retreats downstairs to his office where he begins his grueling mental work for the day.

Texts fly back and forth during the day with plans for dinner and the evening. Things like, “I’ll make chicken for dinner if you give Mini her bath and help her with homework.” Exciting, isn’t it?


By the time evening rolls around, we’re all at home and into our groove. We sit down and have our family dinner at the table. We all discuss the events of our day. Mr. MMM and I talk about projects, deadlines, and dramas, while Mini talks about what happened on the playground and who got into trouble for rolling their eyes in class. If the weather is nice, we might take out bikes, go for a walk, or climb a tree. No, I’m not joking. If not, we find things to entertain us indoors. Entertaining ourselves inside means we’re playing with our pets, putting on puppet shows, or playing hide-and-seek.


After dinner and homework and showers we all settle into our bedtime habits. I typically lie down with Mini in our bed to get her to fall asleep. After she’s out, I will slink out of bed to join Mr. MMM downstairs to have some adult time to discuss adult things without interruptions or watch our latest Netflix obsession (read all about how we cut the cord over a year ago and haven’t missed it at all). This usually lasts about an hour or so until we’re falling asleep on the couch. By this time we’re beat. We turn off the TV and slumber upstairs. Mr. MMM carries Mini over to her bed and complains every night that ‘she’s getting too big for him to keep doing this.’ I inevitably say something like, ‘we’ll miss it when it’s over’, and we both hop into bed. We then spend the next few minutes looking at our phones and catching up on news and chit chatting about what happened that day around the world. Oh, I inevitably take a moment before bed to also check how our investments did that day.

That’s All Folks

And there you have it, folks – a typical day for a family of frugal minimalists. Each day we spend like this is another day closer to reaching our financial freedom goals. Most days we don’t need to spend a dime on our regular routine. I’m sure this is vastly different and somewhat constrictive when compared to others’ routines, but we really don’t feel like we’re deprived at all. In fact, quite the opposite. Living this way is extremely satisfying to us. We keep our familial relationships strong and creep closer to financial independence each day. Peace of mind is truly a beautiful thing.

What about your routines? I’d love to know how other people organize their daily lives. Leave a comment 🙂

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Mad Money Pup Wishing You A Wonderful Holiday Break

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  • youmeanme Dec 27, 2016, 10:59 am

    Your day sounds a lot like mine. It’s funny a few years ago there would have been more steps and therefore more money spent.

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