February 2016

For the past month I have been super excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mr. MMM. I picked the perfect, inexpensive, yet hip event. There was a bacon & beer/chocolate & wine event at a local winery. No tickets or reservations required, just respond to the FB invite so they could make plans with their [...]

It really doesn’t matter if you’re spending Valentine’s Day on your own or with a significant other this year. What matters is what you choose do with your time, and money, of course. Some of us are heading to an obligatory expensive dinner, some of us are celebrating at Sonic (here’s lookin’ at you, Mr. [...]

I’m sure everyone here has heard of Robert Kiyosaki. If not, he’s a entreprenurial guru who has written lots of books that explain the habits of the wealthy. He’s best known for his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He explains how he learned as a young boy that in times of crises, assets feed you [...]

I noticed something this weekend. Even though we are on the road mostly not taken to early retirement, we do not want for anything. At the beginning of the month we sit down to make a map for our money. I use the term, map, because it’s a loosey-goosey budget. We certainly don’t take the [...]

When I’m on the road-usually driving to or from work-I’m either widening my musical palate or listening to podcasts. This week on my daily drive I was listening to the Bigger Pockets podcast. Bigger Pockets is all about real estate investing. There is no need for an explanation as to why I love this one. [...]

This is such a timely post, considering we did just this last weekend. I have a love affair with real estate and, once again, allowed myself to consider the possibility of trading UP. After an entire day was spent driving by houses in our target market and running numbers, we started to feel that all [...]

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