Cats, Beer, & Zombies

We woke up yesterday (Sunday morning) without a clear vision of what to do with our day.  The 100th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show opened this weekend and we thought that would be a good option, despite the hour-long drive, cost of parking, and cost of being inside the facility.  Granted, it is “free” admission and you can park for free if you’re willing to walk a mile (not kidding) to get into the building.  We ARE willing to walk a mile but once inside we don’t want to say NO to everything Mini Monster wants to do.  *sigh*  She has gone before, in our not-so-frugal days, so it’s not like we’re depriving her of the experience.  So, we mulled it over for a bit and decided to take a rain check on the Farm Show.  It was actually raining, too!  How convenient.  What we decided to do instead, might shock you…

We Stayed Home

Gasp.  Yes, we stayed home.  Mini Monster loves being at home.  She absolutely LOVES it.  I’m not sure where this love came from since I LOVE the exact opposite.  I love running around, going out to eat, and seeing new things.  I’m still not convinced there wasn’t a mix up in the hospital.  Never mind that, we decided to have a lazy day at home.  We made Sunday brunch, stayed in our pajamas, and had a great morning just bopping around the house.

Zombie.  Yes, Zombies.

cats and beer 2

The One In The Middle Is Missing Its Lower Body.  It’s Not A Bat.

And then, there were zombies.  A friend of ours gave the thoughtful gift of a gingerbread zombie cookie kit to Mini for Christmas.  She’s been dying to break this open and do some baking.  We finally conceded.  It was about 2 – 3 hours worth of reading instructions, mixing ingredients, and decorating zombie cookies.  It truly was a nice, memorable afternoon.  Check out our masterpieces. 🙂

Cats & Beer

My sister and niece were bebopping around Lancaster City yesterday and decided to text to see if we were home.  In that same text they asked if we had beer.  The answers were Yes and Yes!  Thankfully, we had some beer leftover from our Christmas celebration just begging to fulfill their Christmas wish.  Okay, a little heavy-handed, but still true.

cats and beer 3

Bottoms Up

They popped in later that afternoon, I lit some candles, and we all sat around the table trading stories and laughter for a few hours.  We each rotated turns in Mini’s room to ensure she was also having a blast.  She was.  When Mad Money Cat joined us, our good time was validated.  Does it really get any better than a Wilhelm Scream and a cat on the table?  The answer is No.  No, it does not.

Note:  We bought a leftover case of Halloween beer for our Christmas party.  …because we’re frugal like that 😛

What Does It All Mean?

It means that we had a lazy, party day (even though I had coffee and not beer) without spending a dime.  We were able to stay the early retirement course and still NOT feel deprived.  We had Sunday brunch, we did a family activity, AND we had some adult time that was just as much fun as being outside of the house.  We did it!  We successfully swapped out a bad habit (Robotic:  must go out and spend money to have fun) for a better one.  Cheers!

What do you do to have a blast without dropping cash?

pets 3

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

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  • Marko Zupanic Jan 14, 2016, 4:36 pm

    cute photo 😀

  • wanderlust809 Jan 11, 2016, 4:08 pm

    That sounds like an amazing afternoon! We are baking cookies for my husbands class next weekend. I think I should look forward to it as more of a date night rather than how I am looking at it at the moment.

    • Mad Money Monster Jan 12, 2016, 10:00 am

      Changing your mindset about an activity makes all the difference. We had a blast sitting around the table with some candles and a few drinks. I even fired up a concert on YouTube on our TV. It really was a great day!

  • tenleygwen Jan 11, 2016, 10:22 am

    You’ve inspired me — maybe next weekend I’ll get out my kiddo’s Ninjabread Men cookie cutters so we can have a baking afternoon!

    • Mad Money Monster Jan 12, 2016, 9:59 am

      You definitely need to try it. You’ll be amazed at how much fun they have!

  • Ernie Jan 11, 2016, 7:54 am

    This past weekend was my son’s birthday party…and holy crap did I spend a lot of money! $117.64 to be exact for four kids to run around like wild hyenas playing video games and laser tag! We have been planning for this and had the money set aside (thanks YNAB!), but I nearly had a heart attack when I actually had to fork it over!!! I kept thinking, “There’s gotta be cheaper alternatives for kid’s birthday parties!!” At the same time, my son and his friends had a blast. Would I have loved to spend less money? You bet. Will I consider alternatives next time around? Most definitely. But it was a great time for my son and his friends, so I’m just going to leave it at that instead of freaking out what I could have done with that money instead.

    • Mad Money Monster Jan 12, 2016, 9:58 am

      Yeah, you can’t beat yourself up over every expenditure. Making sure your son had a great, memorable birthday was more important than “saving” that money. After all, we went to see Star Wars and spent about the same 🙂

  • Mad Money Monster Apr 8, 2016, 11:00 am

    Thanks for sharing!

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