End Of Year Eclectic Compilation

We would like to thank all of our readers for making our personal finance blogging experience AWESOME.  We’re impressed at how quickly we have grown after only starting our online presence in late September of this year.  And for that, WE thank YOU!  To round out our year-o-frugality, we’d like to give you the gift of our very best posts since September!  We’d also like to encourage you to tell us what your best financial post was this year!  And if you prefer reading to writing, tell us which personal finance blog ranks highest on your 2015 reading list!  Go!

The Best Of Mad Money Monster

birds 2Budgets Are For The Birds

In this post we discuss how we don’t track every dollar.  Instead, we carefully think about the necessity of EVERY purchase.


Stuff We Just Stopped Buying

This post exposed how cheap (I mean frugal) we really are.  Who needs to buy tissues when you have toilet paper?!


Steps leading down into the caverns

How To Have An Amazing Wedding On A Budget

We got married and took you along for the ride!  Do you take us to be one of your favorite lawfully (okay, that’s a little heavy-handed 😉 wedded personal finance blogs?

financial disasterMy Single Biggest Financial Mistake: A Decade-Long Disaster

Yep, I opened up the chest-o-disaster and pulled out my biggest financial mistake for you.  Hopefully this post helped readers know they’re not the only ones who make mistakes.  Authors of personal finance blogs have some hiding in their closets, too!

Financial SuicideHow I (We) Almost Committed Financial Suicide

We had ourselves convinced we needed a house that big to be happy.  In retrospect, it was just about proving something to the world.  Ridiculous.  This experience was the catalyst that launched Mad Money Monster!  Enjoy!

Awesome Blogs That We Love!

Here at Mad Money Monster we find inspiration and motivation from top-notch blogs each day.  This is just a sampling.  If we missed your awesome blog, don’t hesitate to let us know!  We operate under quid pro quo around here 🙂


Mad Money Cat Spreading Holiday Cheer. Not.

As always, Mad Money Cat encourages you to read Our Story and use the super convenient social media buttons to spread the LOVE!  Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  You can also Sign Up For Emails so you know exactly when we hit PUBLISH!


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