Hump Day Headlines

Hello all you Money Monsters!  Mrs. Money Monster here to introduce a weekly installment to our blog…the Hump Day Headlines!  The Hump Day Headlines has been developed to give our readers an inside look at just how we’re trimming the daily fat on our budget in order to hit the early retirement road through Intelligent Design.  Read more about us and our Intelligent Design method here.  It also keeps Mr. MM and I motivated and accountable for our financial decisions, no matter how small.

Admittedly, this is probably not the best week to roll out this new piece of our blog to you most awesome readers.  Why?  Well, because last week Mr. Money Monster and I were in New England on our fabulous honeymoon.  Read more about our super unique, yet reasonably priced wedding and honeymoon here!

Last Week

Mr. Money Monster and I wearily pulled into our garage late last Thursday night after our wedding and almost a week in Vermont.  Yes, we did spend money on our honeymoon, but it was basically covered with wedding cash.


Hiking:  Can you say FREE?  This activity is always free and always a good time.  And it’s great exercise!

Hump Day 2

My Horse, Loci 🙂

  Horseback Riding:  This was the only thing that cost us a chunk-o-change on our honeymoon.  We paid $200 for a 2-hour ride on Icelandic horses through the gorgeous Vermont woods.  Worth it!  The views were breathtaking and the memories will last a lifetime.

We named her teddy, Moose

Extras:  We also hit the Ben & Jerry’s and Vermont Teddy Bear Factory Tours.  $4/person/tour.  Not too shabby.  We did spend $80 to make Mini Monster a teddy bear.  Again, money that went to a good cause.  Mini Monster was missing us so much that she deserved that $80 teddy!

Mr. MM and a Burlington Brew!  Check out the awesome ring.

Mr. MM and a Burlington Brew! Check out the awesome ring.

Food & Drink:

We didn’t do too bad in this department.  Our biggest food splurge was a double steak dinner on the first night.  The rest of the time we hit coffee shops, pizza shops, and pubs.  Despite Burlington being known for their microbreweries, we didn’t drop a ton of loot on beer.  Overall, we did not break the piggy on our tummies.

Our hotel lobby

Our hotel lobby

Hotel:  Eek!  Okay, we did NOT go cheap on this one.  Our room was $259/night for a really hip, boutique hotel in downtown Burlington.  In our defense, we scoured VRBO and Airbnb and were not able to find anything that didn’t look dumpy for less than $200/night.  Mr. MM seemed to be open to the idea of lodging in a less than stellar structure.  I, on the other hand, had to draw the frugal line.  This was our honeymoon after all.  AND, we were only staying for four nights.


Trick-or-Treat!  We had a fairly low-key weekend.  Aside from taking MM out for Halloween, we were busy unpacking and getting back to normal.  A no spend weekend.  Cha-Ching!

So Far…

Things are definitely back to normal around here.  We’re cooking meals at home, I’m taking my lunches to work, and we’re starting to make a plan of attack for our holiday spending.  ‘Tis the season!

Mad Money Cat I NOT loving his photo opp

Mad Money Cat NOT loving his photo opp

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