We Want Your Marvelous Ideas For Free Entertainment

As you all know by now, Mr. Money Monster and I have committed ourselves to Financial Freedom through Intelligent Design within 5 years!  Obviously, if we’re going to be successful, we need a plethora of solid ideas for entertainment.  This means, we need YOUR help!

The Situation

We love coming up with things to do that are both fun AND fantastic.  Below is a short, and definitely not complete, list of things we do to occupy ourselves without smashing the pig.  Keep reading to see what we do for no and low cost entertainment.  Hint:  We’d love to have more items in the no-cost column.  

No-Cost Entertainment

Here is a list of things we currently do for fun for free:

  1.  Open Houses – I LOVE real estate.  We actually did this today!  And just in case you were wondering, we’re still firmly planted in our decision to only finish our basement…read more here!
  2.  Hiking – ‘Tis the season in PA for enjoying the crisp weather and beautiful canvas of colored leaves.
  3.  Game Night – Duh.  This is fun to do as a couple or a family.  Charades is a family favorite.  What’s your favorite?
  4.  Art Festivals – Our town (and probably yours, too) often has free events with local art and artists.  There is usually something for everyone, including Mini Monsters.
  5.  Flashlight Walks – These are fun all year long.  We just wait until dark, grab a couple flashlights, and go explore our neighborhood!
  6.  Family Movies – We love writing little plays and recording them with our phone or tablet.  This is always a major hit with Mini Monster, especially when we include her stuffed animals (each one has a different voice and personality, courtesy of Mr. Money Monster – I’m so lucky :).
  7.  Lawn Concerts – One of our local parks does a summer concert series (and it’s good music, too!) every Sunday night.  We take ourselves, a blanket, some snacks and, voila, a great evening without spending a dime.
  8.  Cleaning The House – That was not a typo.  For reasons unbeknownst to us, Mini Monster gets great joy in cleaning and “redecorating” the house.  And when we’re done, the house looks great and we all feel good!

Low-Cost Entertainment

Ultra grainy photo of me sipping my Cafe Mocha this morning. Mr. Money Monster doesn’t like using the flash. *Boys*

Yes, we still have the Sunday morning, pretentious coffee shop habit.  To our credit though, we have significantly cut our spending by only allowing ourselves to order one drink per person.  We now eat our “brunch” before we leave the house.  I used to really have an addiction to eating out.  It was sad.  I’m embarrassed.

Aside from having a Sunday morning date at a coffee shop, we also enjoy these low-cost entertainment hacks:

  1.  Settling In For A Netflix Movie Or Television Series – If we’re going for a movie we combine this with a cozy blanket on the couch and some buttered popcorn…yum!
  2.  Cooking A Meal Together!  Who doesn’t love this?  This can double as a date or a family event.  If we include Mini Monster we get her excited beforehand by getting her input, and actually implementing it.
  3.  Halloween Attractions – Our family loves Fall and spooky things.  Oftentimes we will visit a local attraction to roam the grounds and grab some cheap grub.
  4.  Raising A Praying Mantis – Weird, yes.  Priceless, you bet!  Read all about that here.

Mad Money Cat demonstrating exhaustion after racking his frugal feline brain. Isn’t he handsome 🙂

Dear Money Monsters:

Please help Mr. Money Monster, Mini, Monster, and I come up with even more cool and interesting ideas for no-cost and very low-cost entertainment.  Pretty please with a cherry on top 🙂


Mrs. Money Monster <3

P.S.  I won’t officially be (Mrs.) Money Monster until this coming Saturday *SCREAM*, but I’ve been trying it on for size for a few weeks…and it feels GOOD!

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  • Mrs. FI Nov 10, 2015, 12:54 pm

    You guys sound like you know how to have a good time! We love seeking fun and frugal activities to keep us busy and happy over at the Big Sky household and I *try to post about them at the beginning of every month. Granted, our idea of fun isn’t always going to be everyone else’s cup of tea (I am guilty of enjoying the act of cleaning from time to time like your Mini Monster) but they’re at least fun to share. One of our summer faves is to go geocaching. It’s a free activity with a little adventure involved. If you’ve never tried it/heard of it, Google it and see what you think!

    *I am behind in posting about the fun we had in October but I’m hoping to get that out soon…let’s just say there’s been too much “fun” to sit down and write lately 😉

    • Mad Money Monster Nov 10, 2015, 1:10 pm

      Having too much fun to write blog posts is certainly acceptable 🙂 We just started our blog and are loving the benefits of community and motivation that have come along with it.

      Wow! Geocaching sounds fantastic! I must admit, I never heard of it. We are most definitely going to add this to our activities rotation. Thanks so much!

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